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Maximum strength scientific toxin cleansing systems

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Give your body the best cleanse on the market

Do you need to detox fast?  Whether you have a high level of {word graphic for high medium low toxin level} toxins or low level of toxins, you can rely on Total Eclipse to help remove toxins the very same day. There are some things you can do on your own like drinking water, eating healthy and avoiding toxins but the best way to naturally detoxify your body is with Total Eclipse.  Total Eclipse helps remove toxins  naturally while replenishing your body with essential minerals to give your body a healthy natural same day cleanse.

How do you detoxify your body?  Years of research and millions of customers will tell you that the best way to detox your body the very same day is with Total Eclipse, just give the bottle a good shake. Drink the whole bottle. Wait thirty minutes then fill up the bottle with water and drink that.  After a couple of trips to the bathroom you will be at your optimal level of cleanse.

Why Detox?

Our detox blend has been tested and scientifically formulated to give you the best same day cleanse possible.  Milk Thistle and Turmeric root help remove toxins that hide in the liver.  Burdock root and Juniper Berry act as a diuretic, helping to ensure the toxins leave the body through the urinary tract.  Dandelion root helps remove toxins from the liver, kidney and urinary tract.Our bodies are often exposed to toxins.   Toxins are stored in your cells and soft tissue for a long time.  Over a 30 day time period your body will naturally detoxify but using Total Eclipse detox products makes it easy to be clean the very same day, naturally.  Detoxify with Total Eclipse today, the only choice for your same day detox needs.