Total Eclipse is committed to providing top quality detox products that work

For over 15 years Total Eclipse has been a market leader in detox products.  We believe our success is due to our commitment to provide top quality detox products that work because we insist on using the best natural ingredients.  Some detox products simply strip your body of everything, including the good essential minerals your body needs to support a healthy functioning system.   Total Eclipse uses a proprietary mix of natural minerals and herbs to remove toxins and replenish your body with essential minerals.  As the industry leader we are committed to quality and providing the best results every time. 

We provide a variety of options to detox with because we know everyone has a different toxin level and a different body type.   Detoxing is not a one size fits all process and we understand that.   We make body cleansers to fit all kinds of detoxification needs and timelines.  All of our detox cleansing products are carefully produced in a GMP compliant facility in the United States.  

Each detox cleansing product is expertly formulated and tested to ensure our unique blend of minerals and herbs will give the maximum level of cleansing.   Pesticides, carcinogens, and many more pollutants are all examples of toxins that the human body can store for long periods of time.  The body’s natural detoxification process is complex and slow.   All of our body cleansing formulas have been researched, studied and tested to ensure proper detoxification.   Total Eclipse Detox does all the hard work and does it quickly.