Total Eclipse™ Has a Great New Look!

Still offering the best prices, margins and strongest products in the market, TOTAL ECLIPSE™ DETOX PRODUCTS have once again transformed their presentation to provide easy identification and assurance that your customers are getting the most effectively made detox products on the shelves. All TOTAL ECLIPSE™ DETOX PRODUCTS are now fortified with powerful cleansing herbs to insure our products are stronger and more effective than ever, while maintaining the great flavor and taste that we’ve presented over the years.

Assure™ Detox
32oz Liquid - Tropical • Grape • Strawberry-Mango

• Best Seller with True Guaranteed Satisfaction
• For Extreme Toxin Levels or Large Body Mass
• Proprietary Formula with Eliminex Plus™
• Easy One Step Formula, No Extra Water Needed
• Does Not Contain Cascara Sagrada Which Often Causes
Abdominal Pain

Rely Detox
16oz Liquid - Tropical • Grape • Orange

• Proprietary Formula with Super Cleansing Herbs
• Lasting Shelf Presence – Bottles Will Not Concave Like Many
Other Detox Drinks!
• Available in 3 Great-Tasting Flavors
• 100% Guarantee

Definite™ Detox
1oz Concentrate Tropical Liquid 4 Capsules

• Powerful Liquid and Capsule Combination
• Perfect for Cleansing On the Go
• Refreshing Tropical Flavor
• 100% Guarantee

Affirm Detox
4 Cleansing Capsules

• Powerful Blend of Cleansing Herbs
• Easy to use – Only 4 Capsules
• 100% Guarantee

NEW! Insurance™
Daily Maintenance and Pre-cleanse
100 capsules

Insurance contains a unique blend of herbs designed to restore the body's natural balance, enhance health and wellness and flush unwanted toxins. Insurance can be used as a pre-cleanse prior to using any other TOTAL ECLIPSE™ product, or as part of a daily maintenance cleansing routine.